Subject: Re: raidframe /?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Greg Oster <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/2000 17:08:44
Peter Seebach writes:
> So, let's say you're doing a mirroring RAID.  Shouldn't it be possible
> to do / also?  

In theory (since we have source code), yes :)

> All you really need to do is make sure that the raid is
> configured before 'mount -u /'.

"Easier said than done", unfortunately :(  I took a kick at this a few 
months back, and ran into some Really Hard chicken-and-egg problems 
(ignoring the 'configuration before really having a filesystem' issues).  
I do intend to keep poking at this until it does eventually work, but I
can't guarantee a time-frame for success at this point :(

(One of the problems was a circular dependency between having kernel threads 
and having a / filesystem.  You currently need / before you can get threads, 
but I need the threads for RAIDframe in order to get / working :( )


Greg Oster