Subject: Re: New CVSup Service for NetBSD (and Kame and FreeBSD) source tree
To: NetBSD Mailing list <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/2000 12:51:48
On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 01:17:51AM +0000, NetBSD Mailing list wrote:
> I have tried the cvsup access to the netbsd tree at the
> Norway mirror  However, it isn't working as
> expected.  Perhaps I just need further direction.
> I used the sample netbsd-supfile as indicated at
> (follow the links.  It mysteriously won't resolve as I write this)

> The first problem is that the created directories are as suggested in the
> collections: basesrc, gnusrc, sharesrc, etc.  This wouldn't be too bad if
> I could make symbolic links for them in a properly structured source directory,
> however it is not clear that they are structured for such linking.
> The use of cvsup under freebsd for all the collections does indeed drop everything
> into their proper places in /usr/src, if prefix= is indeed set to that.  
> Since this netbsd cvsup structure doesn't do that, I'd rather determine the
> proper usage of cvsup to accomplish that rather than the empirical method on
> a very slow VS3100 using "make build" to find the problems. :)

I'm very new to cvsup and for now only configured the simplest thing;
getting the main collections from the CVS Rep. This enables people to
get to whole CVS Rep (something they couldn't with our anoncvs
service), and checkout local copies using CVS. For this you need a
proper modules file with modules that collect the right things in the
proper place for you. Something like:

_basesrc-cmp    -d src                  basesrc
_gnusrc-cmp     -d src/gnu              gnusrc/gnu
_sharesrc-cmp   -d src/share            sharesrc/share
_syssrc-cmp1    -d src/sys              syssrc/sys
_syssrc-cmp2    -d src/usr.sbin/config  syssrc/usr.sbin/config
_syssrc-cmp3    -d src/usr.sbin/dbsym   syssrc/usr.sbin/dbsym
_syssrc-cmp     -a                      _syssrc-cmp1 _syssrc-cmp2 _syssrc-cmp3
_cryptosrc-intl-cmp -d src/crypto-intl  cryptosrc-intl/crypto-intl
src-nocrypto    -a                      _basesrc-cmp _gnusrc-cmp \
                                        _sharesrc-cmp _syssrc-cmp
src-crypto-intl -a                      _basesrc-cmp _gnusrc-cmp \
                                        _sharesrc-cmp _syssrc-cmp \

That's why the example supfile gives you the whole Rep, and not a
single checkout as that hasn't been setup nicely yet. I'll hope to
have some time soon to create collections for these too for cvsup.

> So, my inquiry is this: What need I do to create a /usr/src from this mirror's
> cvsup system for the 1.4P working sources right now?  

Maybe the above excerpt from the modules file helps, otherwise you'll
have to wait a little till I have configured things properly for that over