Subject: CHANGES file for -current not in chronological order
To: None <>
From: Brian Stark <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/11/2000 12:55:36

Is there any special reason why the CHANGES file for NetBSD-current is no
longer in chronological order?

I just copied revision 1.1770 to my system and I see the following:

Changes from NetBSD 1.4 to NetBSD 1.5:
        ntwoc: add isa driver for Riscom/N2 sync serial card,
                adapt pci driver for changes made to hd64570 [chopps
        hd64570: handle non-dma capable users, cleanup tx and rx logic
                implement dynamic low-water mark fifo adj, utilize
                internal baud rate generator [chopps 20000104]
        less(1):  updated to less-335.  [mrg 19990406]

[... lots of other 1999 and 2000 entries here in chronological order, and
deleted for space ...]

        etc: /etc/daily now calls /etc/daily.local before exiting. similar
                changes have been made to weekly and monthly scripts.
                [ad 20000110]

It appears that the entries on January 4, 2000 by chopps should be toward
the end of the file...


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