Subject: Re: Xircom PCMCIA driver
To: Johan Danielsson <>
From: matt <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2000 15:48:40
    Johan> I've just committed the OpenBSD driver for Xircom 16-bit
    Johan> PCMCIA cards. As I don't have access to any such card at the
    Johan> moment *your* help with testing is needed.

cool, i have one lying around which i'll try.

    Johan> If you have a Xircom card, time and patience, you can add
    Johan> something like:

    Johan>         xe* at pcmcia? function ?

    Johan> to your kernel configuration file, and then see your machine
    Johan> crash and burn (most likely :-).

one concern, the next68k onboard ethernet is known as "xe".  is this
name overloading a problem?

matt debergalis <> KB1CTH
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