Subject: Re: cross compiling -cuurent on 1.4/alpha
To: None <>
From: Todd Whitesel <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2000 04:36:45
> rumours (directly from someone who visited and saw it for real) that
> even Microsoft developed DOS, early versions of Windows and some
> applications on Xenix systems for quite a long time (at least up to 1986

As a MicroSerf Intern in 1991, I can testify that we used _OS/2_ to develop
code which would eventually run on Windows; in fact everyone in my group
avoided Windows like the plague, except for final testing. All unit testing
was done on OS/2 where you could get nice clean SEGV's.

> cross-compilation tools for embedded systems (primarily for the AT&T
> DMD-5620 terminal, and I'll note that an older incarnation of the AT&T C

Hey, we had two of those in my dorm at school... Those suckers were tough;
even from the 5-story Aero building, we had to drop them 3 times before the
CRTs would implode.

> But....  I'm not so interested in these "snapshot" things though.  I
> personally think they're a distraction from the real job of producing
> the products that go into a real release.  They might be "easier" to
> build automatically, but if you spend all your time making their builds
> work perfectly then who's going to work on making the release builds
> work perfectly and automatically and who's going to use which format on
> a regular basis?

I think you may not realize how far ``make snapshot'' has come in the last
year. It is not far off from being usable for both snapshots and releases.
If I spend all my time making these builds work perfectly, then it lets
everyone else get on with the job of producing products. Not a bad deal...{alpha,arm32,i386,mac68k,sparc,sun3}/snapshot/19991223

Most of those are available already; mac68k+sun3 are on the way up.

I haven't figured out how to build X or crypto yet, but I'm working on it.

> As you say yourself, on of the major advantages of the FreeBSD scheme is
> that it's in the tree and lots of people beat on it every day.

And so it is with ``make snapshot''. It is in the tree, therefore it stands
a remote chance of being beat upon by lots of people every day. If nobody
works on ``make snapshot'' or puts their changes into the tree, then it has
no hope of being beat upon, ever.

After uploading mac68k+sun3, I cleaned up my patch files and sent them to
a committer who offered to evaluate them for me. Life goes on.

The goal is regular snapshots, of the same sources, for as many ports,
and of as much of the system as practical.

It irks me whenever I see us make announcements like "CardBus in -current"
and I know that nobody will be able to download a snapshot with that code
in it for weeks or perhaps even months. We need the equivalent of
FreeBSD-stable, and frequent synchronized snapshots are essentially the
same thing, just on oodles more architectures.

Todd Whitesel
toddpw @