Subject: RE: 11Mbps WaveLAN support?
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2000 13:06:46
Since we seem to have a lot of people already using wireless networking
stuff and even people able to write drivers for this (so I assume they know
something about it) - could we set up some cleartext information, readable
by mere mortals not in the know of the standards and available options, on
the NetBSD web page?

We need to setup some wireless connections soon and already use NetBSD for
all our servers internally, so I realy would like to buy stuff that will be
useable with NetBSD.

Reading the lucent web pages even confused me more, and now reading not all
their stuff is properly supported makes it even worse.

A few informations I'ld hope to find on this web page:

 - Which 2 Mbps hardware is supported by NetBSD-current?
 - Which 11 Mbps hardware is supported?
 - What modes of operation are there and which are supported?
   (There was talk about "ad-hoc mode" not working for some drivers)
 - Are there different cards for different regions of the world
   or are the frequencies global (or configurable)
 - Do you need some license to use this? [This may vary
   with your location]
 - Which interoperability considerations are there?
   (I.E.: I need to connect two NetBSD machines point-to-point
   like via a serial connection. Or: I need to serve a Windows 98
   machine from a NetBSD server.)