Subject: Re: RFC: Simple screen editor for NetBSD
To: John Hayward <>
From: SUNAGAWA Keiki <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2000 09:16:16

John Hayward <> wrote:

John> I'd recommend pico which comes with pine.  The main
John> advantage pico has is that it is NOT a mode editor.
John> Mode editors like vi and emacs increase the learning
John> curve - Also editors which don't have menu items are
John> not as good for occational users.

Um, wrong.  vi is NOT a mode editor AT ALL if you mean that
there are command mode and insert mode in vi, on the other
hand, only one `command mode' (I don't mention ex or lisp
modes here:-).

E.g., `i (something could be lots of content...) ESC' is
just one command to insert texts to cursor position.  The
basic triplet rule of `command object ESC' is applicable
here.  Note that you can even do `4 i foobar ESC' as well.

I usualy tell this to the people who sais that vi is
difficalt since it's modeful editor.

Yes, our manpage should be modified.

>> .. how about we just add vilearn to the base set? ;P

John> Thanks for the pointer to vilearn - we are finally
John> getting rid of our ultrix machine which had learn on
John> it and I pointed new students to learn vi.  Now I have
John> an alternative.  johnh...

Our vi is happy with arrow keys.  The command should learn
at least is Insert, Append, and quit (ZZ I use).


If the new editor foobar is sit on /usr/bin of just
installed system and not in install media itself, I'm pretty
sure that novices can't edit /etc/rc.conf with it because
the system is in single user at that point.  So, the foobar
editor should sit on install media.

I propose that the heavily broated all-in-there (AKA kitchen
sink) install kernel to contrast with current NetBSD way.

Using colorful, user-friendly display is not so bad, but we
have various platforms that supports only serial console for 
the moment.

Hack on NetBSD, and your code runs on over 20 architectures!