Subject: RFC: Simple screen editor for NetBSD
To: (NetBSD/current-users Maillist) <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/07/2000 18:40:56
	It would be good if NetBSD shipped with a simple screen editor
	in the base system, to help novices.

	I know they can install something from the packages system, but
	we want something that is available before the packages have been
	installed, and can be guaranteed to be present on all systems.

	I would expect it to be very small, support cursor keys
	and very basic emacs key movement bindings - it should
	probably make pico look sophisticated. I'd be inclined to
	call it 'edit'.

	(All this is not for me - I use vi by preference, ed where
	necessary, and have been known to get out of emacs without
	destroying a file.... :)

	What do people think - should we do it, and can anyone suggest
	a possible editor (ee from FreeBSD? - not looked at it)