Subject: Re: Odd DVD-ROM question...
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/2000 23:36:23
   On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Brad Spencer wrote:
   > I was able to mount an older Jackie Chan movie DVD as a ISO-9660 disc and
   > using the freely available AC3 audio decoder I was able to listen to the
   > English audio "track" from the movie.

   Can you send me some pointer for this audio decoder? I've only played
   with what's available from the livid people, and didn't have too much
   success there...

    - Hubert

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Sorry for the delay...

[making note of the recent ac3dec package which just appeared in the
package tree]

Actually, I did use the version of ac3dec that was in the Livid package.
It seemed to require very little to get working.  I didn't look at the
recent commited package in depth, but one will want to make sure that the
extract_ac3 program that is in the tools directory of ac3dec is also
compiled.  It is helpful when one wants to extract the audio from a .vob
file on a DVD.

The next task, before I have to give the DVD-ROM back to its owner, is to
try and get video to work.  I do understand that someone has managed to
get mpeg2player to compile for NetBSD??  Is this the same one from the
Livid source??  I got what appears to be a late source tree and it seems
that the version I have wants threads [I presume pthreads] and a libmpeg,
which I presume is the one that is in the NetBSD package system.  I didn't
obviously see a libmpeg in the Livid source.

Brad Spencer -
[finger for PGP public key]