Subject: Disk corruption w/1.4.2 on Sparc
To: current-users <>
From: Bob Nestor <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/05/2000 21:10:14
I have a Sparc/IPX running 1.4.2-Alpha.  Last nite I attempted to mount a 
CD-ROM that was created in Apple Mac format.  It should be an ISO-9660 
with Apple Extensions, but I'm not certain as it was Mastered and burned 
under MacOS.  It works fine there, and it is Mac bootable.

When I attempted to mount it on the IPX I got a screen full of errors 
followed by a re-boot of the system.  However the system wouldn't come 
up.  Booting from a valid Sparc bootable NetBSD CD-ROM I was able to poke 
around and it appeared that both the kernel and boot blocks had been 
clobbered on the boot disk.  Nothing else appeared to be lost or 
corrupted and reinstalling the kernel and boot blocks got the system back 

Has anyone else seen this, or is this just a cockpit problem on my part 
(aside from the fact that I was attempting to access a MacOS CD).  I've 
never had problems like this with MacOS CDs on NetBSD/mac68k.  I can 
attempt to reproduce this and submit a PR, or I can provide a copy of the 
CD I used to someone more familiar with the Sparc port.