Subject: Re: RAIDFRAME questions
To: Dave Barr , Brook Milligan <>
From: Markus Kilbinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/2000 22:48:05
>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Barr <> writes:

    -> Are all these control and reconstruct raidctl commands only
    >> available for unmounted raid devices??

    Dave> It appears so. I once edited /etc/rc like this:

    Dave> # Configure raid devices.
    Dave> for dev in 0 1 2 3; do
    Dave>         if [ -f /etc/raid$dev.conf ]; then
    Dave>               raidctl -c /etc/raid$dev.conf raid$dev
    Dave> 		raidctl -P /etc/raid$dev.conf raid$dev
    Dave>         fi
    Dave> done

There is no '-P' option in my raidctl (NetBSD 1.4.2_ALPHA)...

>>>>> "Brook" == Brook Milligan <> writes:

    Brook>    It seems there should be a way for the parity checking
    Brook>    to be done in the background.

    Brook> It can. Just run raidctl in the background.

But how!? First to unmount der raid device, start which? raidctl
command in my case? Is it possible to re-mount/use the raid during
this rebuilt?

Thanks, Markus.