Subject: Re: Odd DVD-ROM question...
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/04/2000 00:51:35
   I've seen the same sort of behavior with a CD-ROM device which is also
   powered off of the pcmcia slot.

   it seems to be happy when I do a:

   # (sleep 100 </dev/rcd0d) &

   prior to accessing the drive.

   I think we need some sort of wdc_pcmcia quirk indicating "leave drive
   power on while card is present".

					   - Bill

Ya, that did it....  strange as it looks...

I was able to mount an older Jackie Chan movie DVD as a ISO-9660 disc and
using the freely available AC3 audio decoder I was able to listen to the
English audio "track" from the movie.

A quirk for this sort of thing would certainly seem to be in order.

Brad Spencer -
[finger for PGP public key]