Subject: 1.4P (i386) stops as if no console...
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/02/2000 23:04:39
You know the symptom of "no /dev/console, so init just sits there"?  What
causes that these days?  I'm doing an upgrade (to the Most Famous NetBSD
Machine, my mom's laptop), and the 1.4P install CD boots fine, and just sits

For the curious, I changed the ramdisk size to be floppy288, because the stuff
being copied over was Just A Bit Big for the floppy3, and I changed the
corresponding bits in INSTALL.  Not correct?  I'm using 5760 instead of 2880;
it's a "standard" floppy size, and the machine reads the kernel fine, boots
fine, and then gets to "root file system type: ffs", and never does anything.

FWIW, P133, 32MB of core, otherwise seems healthy; boots from the hard drive
just fine, but I was gonna do the "correct" upgrade.

Note that you can build a perfectly good 1.44MB floppy using a 2.88MB ramdisk;
the ramdisk stuff compresses pretty well.  Why exactly *does* it default to
1.44 for the ramdisk image?  Am I stepping on something I shouldn't be?