Subject: Re: make release failure with vn/disklabel
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Mailing list <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/02/2000 07:01:31
> Some platforms apparently prevent you from touching the disk label
> area of any device if you are running in a "secure" mode (i.e.
> kern.securelevel is 1 or higher).  I suspect you are running with
> kern.securelevel set to 1 (I seem to recall that being the default)?
> I can't remember seeing this problem on i386, but my recent
> 1.4.2_ALPHA snapshot build on the sparc platform bumped into this
> problem there as well.  (There are probably some architecture
> differences in how installboot does its thing (?), which may explain
> parts of this (?), or my memory as to the kern.securelevel I use on
> my i386 may also be playing tricks on me...)
> The cure is to boot with kern.securelevel set to a lower value, 0
> should be sufficient to let the build proceed.  See init(8) for
> further information on the kernel security level.
> - Håvard

Ah, very well then.  I'll try 0, then leave it -1 if that fails.
Since the identical SUP and build method works fine on the VAX
platform, it must indeed be an issue with the pmax platform similarly
to the sparc.

I will simply then have to accomodate the securelevel issue when
performing the release step on the pmax.

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