Subject: Re: remote job execution with make
To: Laine Stump <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/02/2000 08:36:00
On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Laine Stump wrote:

> (Yes, I know (from painful experience) about all the potential troubles
> with NFS encountered when exporting jobs to multiple machines from make
> (although I haven't had the setup to do it since 1.3.3, so I don't know
> if the same problems still exist). If nothing else, doing this helps to
> expose NFS problems so they can be fixed! ;-)

Some of the problems with NFS are already exposed, and oozing, like if
one of the machines is a lousy timekeeper, "make" will get sorely
confused. What would be really neat would be to export jobs with "rsh"
or "ssh". Consider that most of the cross-compilers and assemblers
already work; it's only the cross-linker that's a work in progess. So
you could configure and link on the target host, but do all the slow
stuff in-between on fast machines.