Subject: Unrelated (?) failures on a -current build
To: None <>
From: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/01/2000 17:14:36
They seem unrelated but it's just too coincidental.  Here's what I
did.  I got the Nov 13 1999 release and installed it on a new drive.
I then supped all new sources and unpacked the xsrc tree.  I rebuilt
everything multiple times.  Here's the order (at least as much as I
can remember) of how I did it.

- Rebuild the world
- Rebuild the kernel
- Rebuild all the packages I was interested in
- Compile and install X
- Rebuild the world
- rebuild the kernel
- compile and install X
- Rebuild all packages

Of course, I rebooted in between most of the above steps.  So now
I figure I should have a functioning system.  Mostly I do but two
things fail.  I installed Python and PyGreSQL from the packages.
Python seems to work fine but when I import pg it segfaults.  The
error seems to be related to dynamic loading, not anything in the
module itself.  The same combo has built and run fine on older
versions of the OS.

The other problem is with X.  It works fine, xdm brings up the chooser,
I can log in and run programs but when I exit from twm or fvwm2, the
system reboots.  It does not leave a core file so I don't know what
is breaking.

All this on i386.  If it hadn't happened before yesterday I might
be considering Y2K issues.  :-)

Should I just try rebuilding in a few days or should this all be
working with the current sources?

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