Subject: Re: Question on crypto
To: Paulo A. P. Pires <>
From: Antti Kantee <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/29/1999 13:30:47
On Tue Dec 28 1999 at 22:18:55 -0200, Paulo A. P. Pires wrote:

> I have some doubts related to building crypto-enabled binaries
> out of crypto-intl sources (tracked with cvs).  Apparently,
> libraries build and install just fine, and I was told that IPsec
> support in kernel builds are also OK.
> What happened, however, to userland programs like bdes and all
> kerberos-related stuff (I know kerberos is US-only, but there is
> a replacement for it somewhere, isn't there?)?  Also, if I do
>     make -DDOMESTIC DOMESTIC=crypto-intl build
> the process fails since there no Makefile in /usr/src/crypto-intl
> (yet since there is not what to build in usr.bin, perhaps it
> should not be there anyway).
> I may sound stupid, but I do not understand how crypto support
> is now.  I'd appreciate some directions to get a picture of how
> it is organized and, hopefully, get the full of it in my system.

Well I don't claim to understand it either, but I took a shot at
building it last weekend and it went just great. (don't know if it's any
use though ;). Reading eg. usr.bin/Makefile:

.if defined(CRYPTOPATH)
.sinclude "${CRYPTOPATH}/usr.bin/Makefile.frag"

and from

.if !defined(CRYPTOBASE)
.if exists(${SRCTOP}/crypto-us)
.elif exists(${SRCTOP}/crypto-intl)
.endif # exists

So having the directory & files around apparently makes it work.

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