Subject: Re: -current domestic via non-SUP
To: Paul J. Lavoie <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/27/1999 16:57:17
At 03:49 PM 12/27/99 -0500, Paul J. Lavoie wrote:
>Is there a way to keep track of -current domestic without sup? The tar files 
>have been gone for a while...

Sure - cvs. It is *much* more convenient (For one thing, you can update
only a single directory if you're in a hurry and looking for something
specific. Also, you can compare  various versions of files with cvs diff).

For some reason, the FAQ on the website still talks about CVS only as a
local method of controlling the source you get via sup (which is a totally
different subject, and probably confuses a lot of beginners). There's a
rehash of some instructions I sent to the list for review several months
ago at:

(can we get this or something similar on the official web pages?)