Subject: Re: cross compiling -cuurent on 1.4/alpha
To: Todd Whitesel <>
From: NetBSD Mailing list <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/23/1999 01:38:20
> >I'm attempting to set up automated nightly builds of -current.. from a
> >cross-compiling environment. My initial target is to build -current on a 1.4.2
> >host.
> First off: hurray! This is important work for slow arches and for new ports.
> Now: how does your cross-compiler find its headers? If it takes _anything_
> from /usr/include then it's going to have problems. We should be compiling
> with "-nostdinc -I$(BSDSRCDIR)/xinclude" and have 'make includes' install
> into $(BSDSRCDIR)/xinclude. $(DESTDIR)/usr/include should get updated at
> 'make install' time, not 'make includes' time.
> (I would have preferred $(BSDSRCDIR)/include, but that's already taken.)
> I believe that when a kernel is updated, no headers should need to change
> (those that do probably shouldn't have been made visible to userland in the
> first place). Building and installing libc & friends will install the new
> interfaces along with the binaries that export them.
> Most likely we have some gnarly header dependencies in the current system
> that won't be handled well by this model. I have faith that they can be
> reorganized without unacceptable pain.

I actually got the binutils and egcs compiled on my FreeBSD 4.0 i386 machine.
However, the aout and ELF images aren't recognisable on the vax.

The only difficulties I had were with bfd's definitions of the following

My understanding is that the vax port uses 4k pages (from what file(1) 
indicates from objects there).  However, from simple putzing, I've determined
that the only object format I can make NetBSD/vax recognise is by setting
both of these to 4128.  4096, for example makes the object unrecognisable
to file(1) on the vax.

I'll admit flighty ignorance on how binutils/bfd deals with and treats these

Can anyone who has deal with the compiler port, or worked on a anything-to-
NetBSD/vax suggest anything here?

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