Subject: Re: Random Review
To: None <>
From: Michael C. Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/1999 14:48:31
>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Hogsett <> writes:

    >> Booting Thanks to the information provided me on IRC, I was able to
    >> set up my machine to boot BSD from my (work-required) NT boot menu.  I
    >> can't do this with Linux -- I have to use a boot floopy.

    Mike> Untrue.  You can get NT to boot linux via its boot manager by:

    Mike> 1) writing the lilo boot block to the partition (not the MBR), then
    Mike> 2) use dd to read the first 512 bytes (the boot block) of the
    Mike> partition to a file.  3) copy this file onto your NT filesystem and
    Mike> 4) edit the boot.ini file to refer to the above file for booting
    Mike> linux.

    Mike> It is a pain in the ass, but it does work.  Unfortunately if you
    Mike> rewrite lilo to the partition you have to recreate the file for NT.
    Mike> Read the Linux HowTo at

  We used this method for awhile.
  It sucks due to the LILO issue, but is perfect for BSD, except for
serial boot.

  If you need *BSD/Linux/NT, then use LILO as your boot manager. It
does serial boots nicely, (although there is little point if you want to
boot NT, but anyway) and you get it updated without hassle when you upgrade
your Linux kernel (sigh).

  Linux itself no longer seems to do serial consoles properly, and never
did get CLOCAL/RTSCTS handling correct for anything other than modems.

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