Subject: Re: Random Review
To: Grey Wolf <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/17/1999 09:16:58
Grey Wolf wrote:

>     Booting
>         Thanks to the information provided me on IRC, I was able to
>         set up my machine to boot BSD from my (work-required) NT boot
>         menu.  I can't do this with Linux -- I have to use a boot floopy.

I had no problem doing that with both BSD and Linux. In both OSs, you
just dd off the boot sector, plop it on a file in the NT partition, and
add a text file at the root of the NTFS to reference it. Pretty trivial
in both cases.

The catch is that, with Linux, LILO doesn't understand the ext2fs layout
and instead it keeps a block list storing the location of the kernel
which it uses the BIOS to read the blocks from, so you need to re-do the
dd every time your Linux kernel changes. Though for drivers and stuff
you can get away without recompilation so that lessens the impact I
guess. This block list thing is why the boot partition needs to be under
the BIOS size limit.