Subject: Re: CVS commit: syssrc
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: msaitoh <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/16/1999 04:29:40
 [CC'd to current-users]

 > > Modified Files:
 > > 	syssrc/sys/arch/sh3/sh3: coff_exec.c
 > > 
 > > Log Message:
 > > demand paging for ZMAGIC SH COFF binary!
 > Could you turn this into a kern/exec_coff.c file? Or split out parts of
 > it? I think a few other ports could use it. For instance, it'd be nice to
 > eventually gain AIX compatability, which would need xcoff support, which
 > is based on coff. :-)

 It's in my TODO list. Because the present code is very dirty, I hesitate to
take this code into kern/. And, I am not familiar with the specification of
the COFF. Almost work for the COFF was finised except:

    DDB for COFF
    crunchide for COFF (can be substituted by Sakamoto's BFD based crunchide)
    mdsetimage for COFF (can be substituted by Sakamoto's BFD based mdsetimage)

 By the way, what will we have to do though there are many Makefiles which 
to presume to OBJECT_FMT=a.out if OBJECT_FMT!=ELF ?

 And more, NetBSD/sh3 supports both ELF and COFF. We are planning to swith
to ELF because NetBSD/sh3 already runs dynamic linked ELF binary (worked by

		SAITOH Masanobu (,
		University of Electro-Communications