Subject: Merry Christmas !!
To: None <members>
From: IDEAPIA <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/1999 21:10:17
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<title>Merry  christmas &amp; Happy new year.</title>
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<p align=3D"left">&nbsp;<font =46ACE=3D"Arial"><font size=3D"3" color=3D"#=
000080"><b>We Wish You Have Pleasant and Happy Christmas Holiday!</b></font=
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font size=3D"3" color=3D"#0A0C40">At Ideapia, we are pr=
oviding, through our homepage</font></font> <font size=3D"3" color=3D"#0A0C=
40"> (<font =46ACE=3D"Arial"><a href=3D"">http://www.=</a>)         
fashion Emails, diversely-designed letter papers and high quality Christma=
<font =46ACE=3D"Arial">       
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">=46ashion Emails are =
newly conceived Emails that are made up of         
animation images, background images and music together with messages. By  =
subdividing animated or background images into categories of Christmas, Ne=
w Year         
Day, birthday, love, Valentine day, White day, celebration, thanks, spring=
summer, autumn, winter and cute, and designing diverse and original images=
are suitable for each ambience, we are providing them through our data ban=
k for         
the members. We are providing music in various midi files for each genre s=
o that         
members can utilize in their mails as background sounds.</font></p>       =
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">Letter papers have be=
en prepared so that you can use letter         
papers by downloading and printing them, and we are also providing envelop=
that match with letter papers.</font></p>        
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">They have been prepar=
ed so that you can download and print         
Christmas cards, and the site provides card's outer &amp; inner pages as w=
ell as         
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">Now, you can add your=
 own style, individuality and beauty as         
well as your true heart to your fashion Emails.</font></p>        
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">Your fashion Email de=
corated with creative animated images,         
stylish background images and music will show your message at its best adv=
all the more, while impression of the recipient will be doubled.</font> </=
<p ALIGN=3D"left"><font color=3D"#0A0C40" size=3D"3">Thanks a lot.</font><=
img border=3D"0" src=3D"" align=3D"t=
op" width=3D"48" height=3D"48"></p>