Subject: Developer's Interface Guide for IA-64 Servers (DIG64) Adopter
To: None <>
From: Thrumbar Pathfinder <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/12/1999 22:47:21
Attention, all FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD developers..

This is a chance we cannot ignore..  Please form up a development team
with a central tram leader and get signed up for this offer.  The
Documentation personnel should sign up for the Contributors link to
add BSD's voice in setting the guidelines for future BSD development
for all three forms...

Please read below.. (also, team leaders, send me a e-mail when you
sign-up to keep me informed as to the process and to get an idea on
how many teams there is involved)

 About the DIG64

             Leading hardware and software vendors have formed an
industry group to develop the DIG64 guidelines. These guidelines
establish basic system building blocks, interfaces, and programming
conventions for upcoming IA-64 based servers and their system-level
software in order to define hardware and software compatibility and

DIG64 is...=20
        an industry-driven set of technical guidelines that define
hardware, firmware and operating system's compatibility for IA-64
servers providing IT with systems built on common, stabilized
interfaces that improve reliability and interoperability, lower
qualification and support costs developed and backed by the key IA-64
OEMs, OSVs, and BIOS vendors who are contributing to its development
and are building compliant products allowing the industry to
accelerate the pace of IA-64 technology adoption=20

         By defining common building blocks and interfaces and
proactively addressing legacy issues, the DIG64 provides an array of
benefits for both developers and IT organizations.=20

=46or developers, the DIG64: =20

         Increases the efficiency of the design process, freeing
developers to focus design resources of features that add unique value
and differentiate their products in the marketplace. =20

        Gives firmware and OS vendors a known set of interfaces to
build to, enabling them to confidentially develop their products
concurrently with the hardware and shrink time to markets. =20

       Provides a technology migration roadmap that extends the
planning horizon for developers and allows them to create designs with
increased longevity.=20

=46or business users and Information Technology (IT) departments: =20

       Standard interfaces and interoperable layers enhance the
reliability and robustness of the resulting servers as well as
lowering qualification costs.  Since developers find it easier to
build components that work together, customers can enjoy a greater
choice of robust, innovative server solutions.  Because the DIG64
addresses the migration of support-intensive, obsolete technologies to
newer, more robust choices, IT departments can control or reduce the
cost of server support.=20

DIG64 Defined =20

      The DIG64 specification defines basic system building blocks,
interfaces and programming conventions between IA-64 based servers and
system-level software such as the operating system and device drivers.
The specification covers:=20

Core system components such as the processor, chipset, memory, I/O
bus, and server management hardware.=20
 Interfaces to peripheral devices for networking, communications and
 Low-level firmware interfaces to the operating system for system
configuration, boot and runtime services.=20

      The guide does not create new standards and interfaces, but
selects components and interfaces from already existing technologies.
To ensure interoperability, the DIG64 also specifies implementation
requirements for each specification or standard.=20

      The DIG64 spells out a roadmap for eliminating obsolete
technologies. Release 1.0, which is currently available
<>, pertains to servers=20
based on the Intel=AE Itanium=99 processor. Subsequent
versions will address future processors as they are developed. A
three-level hierarchy of required, recommended and optional features
enables vendors to choose how quickly they want to remove older

     The DIG64 is operating-system independent, promoting
cross-platform interoperability among servers running Windows 2000*,
Linux and other UNIX* operating systems.=20

      Join Other Industry Leaders Already Building Compatible IA-64
Server Solutions! =20
There is still time to get involved by becoming a DIG64 Adopter
member. To find out more about the advantages of becoming a DIG64
Adopter, take look at the DIG64 www site....

To sign up as a Developer's Interface Guide for IA-64 Servers (DIG64)
Adopter, complete all of the  information at the link listed below and
hit the submit button. You will then be able to download a "DIG64
Adopters Agreement".

By becoming a DIG64 Contributor, you will be able to provide technical
input into the development of the DIG64 guidelines in addition to
gaining access to the latest published draft. All input will be
reviewed by the DIG64 Working Group for possible inclusion in the

When you have formed your group please e-mail me so that I will know
how many groups there are..  Please include a list of the individuals
on the team and their position on said team as well as any contact
information you are willing to provide...