Subject: pppd question on activate connection to ISP
To: None <>
From: Chan Yiu Wah <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/11/1999 10:01:23

I am using the on demanding pppd (2.3.9), dhcpd and samba (2.0.6) to 
allow our LAN users to share the ISP line.  I notice that the pppd will
activate an connection to the ISP (in down status) when there is traffic 
within the LAN.  I would like to limit it to if there is outgoing request
to the internet (e.g. run netscape at Win98), there should be a request 
for the connection to the ISP.  I use active-filter-in option in the peers 
scripts. Any idea on how to limit it to outgoing to internet case? Thanks.


======= peers script =======
/dev/modem 115200		# modem port and speed
connect '/etc/ppp/chat-script "tel #"' # connect script
welcome '/sbin/route delete default' # delete any current default routes first
ipparam ","
passive				# wait for remote to come up
crtscts				# use hardware flow control
defaultroute			# add default routing when link comes up
lock				# lock the modem port on connect
modem				# use full modem control
noipdefault			# no local defaults for IP addresses
lcp-echo-interval 30		# ping the remote every 30 seconds
lcp-echo-failure 10		# declare link down after 10 pings fail
ipcp-accept-local		# allow remote to specify our IP address

# conditions for disconnecting
idle 1800                # = 30 minutes
# demand dailing additions
holdoff 900
active-filter-in "udp or (tcp and not tcp port ntp)"

ipcp-accept-remote		# allow remote to specify his IP address
netmask		# netmask for our assigned IP address
domain		# domain name we're connecting into
user username			# account name to use to log onto remote
mtu 1500			# maximum transmission size for link
======= peers script =======