Subject: Re: i386 elf and libc
To: matthew green <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/1999 18:42:30
>>>>> "matthew" == matthew green <> writes:
    matthew>      If there were no filename comflicts, then aout and elf libraries could
    matthew>    co-exist in /usr/lib.

    matthew> mine live in `/usraout', and my /usr/libexec/ (a.out) looks there
    matthew> by default.  COMPAT_AOUT is a crock of sh*t and i will not use it.

  I think that this is the best solution. I hope will do this for 1.5. Can I
have a copy?
    matthew>      Well, I think we should think strongly about bumping major versions for the 
    matthew>    next release, and getting rid of all renames. The new libraries are not
    matthew>    compatible with the old ones, regardless of whether the "featureset" has
    matthew>    changed. 

    matthew> for who are they not compatible?  2 out of how many ports changed?
    matthew> do we do this for every port that changes from now?  you need to
    matthew> realise that binary format is totally separate from shared library
    matthew> versioning.

  The problem is just that: the statement is true, but without a patch like
you have done, they are linked, because there are two libm's.

  I'm busy rebuilding all my pkgsrc stuff because I can't link new things
against it (I just finished X11), just as if someone had bumped the major

  I think that we should consider bumping all major versions of libraries
for a port which switches from a.out to elf. Does ELF make major versioning
of shared libraries easier? Will we ever get rid of the renames?

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