Subject: Re: Status Report NetBSD on IBM Thinkpad 570 (WARNING: low tech content)
To: None <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/1999 12:44:22
On Fri, Dec 10, 1999 at 08:31:14PM +0900, wrote:
> 	I don't think there's "will only use" message in
> 	sys/dev/pcmcia/if_cnw.c.  cnw driver has no "i/o only" mode.
Hmmm, maybe may memory fails me here. I'll double check tomorrow.

> >supported by NetBSD without looking further. As the new awi driver
> >supports those cards, a reference to it would be nice?
> 	I believed that BayStack 650 (IEEE802.11FH) is the only card
> 	supported by awi driver.  Was your card probed by awi driver, or
> 	cnw driver??  pls send me dmesg output, and maybe suggested diffs
> 	to manpage....

It was detected by the awi driver (also to my own suprise), not the
cnw. It presented me with a awi net interface. The Airsurfer Plus is
a 802.11 card and awi detects the same chipset as in the BayStack 650.
We don't have an 802.11 network here to test it against, only the
olders style, so I'm using an old Xircom card with the cnw driver
now. But these old cards are not available (at least here) for
purchase anymore, and we got one of these new Plus ones instead to
try asnd we may decide to upgrade our inhouse network to 802.11 in
some time.