Subject: Re: Status Report NetBSD on IBM Thinkpad 570 (WARNING: low tech content)
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/10/1999 20:31:14
>I also tried the cnw (Netwave) driver for the first time, which didn't
>work because it couldn't allocate enough shared memory at config time.
>This was simply fixed by increasing the configured amount of memory
>for the pcic in my kernel config, and it works fine now. However,
>the boot message `cannot allocate enough mem, will only use i/o mode'
>or somehting like that suggested to me that it should work (at
>degraded performance?) without, like the awi driver does.  `man cnw'
>documents taht i/o mode is not supported, so all this is just
>nitpicking on that printf() that suggests it is supported.

	I don't think there's "will only use" message in
	sys/dev/pcmcia/if_cnw.c.  cnw driver has no "i/o only" mode.
	cnw driver was implemented by couple of folks when the card was
	called "xircom netwave" - xircom did never opened up spec sheet.

>More nitpicking: `man cnw' says:
>``Note that the driver does not support more-recent device families like 
>Netwave AirSurfer ``Plus'', or BayStack 650/660.''
>This is true, but might suggest to the reader such cards are not
>supported by NetBSD without looking further. As the new awi driver
>supports those cards, a reference to it would be nice?

	I believed that BayStack 650 (IEEE802.11FH) is the only card
	supported by awi driver.  Was your card probed by awi driver, or
	cnw driver??  pls send me dmesg output, and maybe suggested diffs
	to manpage....