Subject: Re: lfs freezes system
To: None <>
From: Ingolf Koch <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/09/1999 09:20:11
On Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 05:45:58PM +0100, Ingolf Koch wrote:
> with a 1.4M kernel and userland, using lfs freezes my
> NetBSD/amiga machine:

After booting a 1.4P kernel into single-user and only
mounting this lfs partition rw (other partitions mounted
ro), I was able to see the panic.

It happens when the lfs_cleanerd is going to clean a segment
containing 797440 bytes. According to df, the lfs partition
is 84% full.

panic: malloc: out of space in kmem_map
Stopped in lfs_cleanerd at	_cpu_Debugger+0x6: unlk a6
_cpu_Debugger(10,10000,10000,0,3bd1bfc) +6
_panic(4651f,10000,10000,eb80,4b990) +52
_malloc(10000,2b,0,2004,3) +138
_lfs_newbuf(3b9b980,eb80,10000,ebfb0,ecd40) +50
_lfs_writemsg(32cc00,2f8f00) +2e6
_lfs_vflush(3bfb590,2004,2004,3ba28c0,3bfb590) +21a
_lfs_update(3bd1d08,161df4,3bfb590,0,0) +18e
_lfs_fsync(3bd1d58) +40
_vinvalbuf(3bfb590,1,ffffffff,3ba28c0,0,0) +a0
_vclean(3bfb590,8,3ba28c0) +84
_vgonel(3bfb590,3ba28c0) +3e
_getnewvnode(5,340400,2ced00,3bd1e88) +162
_lfs_vcreate(340400,e2,3bd1e88) +22
_lfs_fastvget(340400,e2,10a86,3bd1f10,ef480,3bd1f14) +dc
_sys_lfs_markv(3bd28c0,3bd1f88,3bd1f80) +272
_syscall(b9) +118
_trap0() +e

1) the trace was copied by hand and might contain typos
2) after reboot or continue (from the debugger prompt),
   the kernel prints "syncing disks..." and hangs


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