Subject: Re: remote GDB of kernel
To: Greg Oster <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/1999 17:08:12
At 02:18 PM 12/6/99 -0600, Greg Oster wrote:
>"who knows".  I've seen occassional sillyness with this too, esp. when
>to get it all working for the first time.

Actually, I've been getting frustrated by the "n" command taking up to 30
sec. or so to complete sometimes (and other times completing immediately),
so I just turned on remotedebug. It looks like sometime commands aren't
properly received by the other end, but the "-" which is supposed to
indicate a NACK is instead interpreted as "Junk: -" (and even that only
after a *very* long delay). It seems like the retransmission timeouts need
to be tightened up quite a lot (or at least it needs to properly interpret
the NACK character (-)). That could do a lot towards making the experience
more enjoyable. Even though I'm only running at 9600bps (how do you set gdb
to go faster anyway? change /etc/ttys? Or would I have to doctor the serial
driver to change its default?) and my cable has all the pins connected, it
seems like just about half of my commands need retransmission.


Just built/installed it. Thanks for the suggestion!