Subject: Re: RAID suggestions
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/1999 15:00:17
On Mon, Dec 06, 1999 at 08:55:34AM -0500, Andrew Gillham wrote:
> I've had several "lockups" recently on -current. :-) On my i386 (with ddb)
> the 'ps' shows a number of things (like cpp/make) waiting on
> 'getnewb' (getnewbuf?) and I am able to still ping the box.  While it
> was still working normally, I dropped into ddb and 'ps' didn't show
> anything in the 'getnewb' state.
> I am using soft dependencies on all of the local filesystems (/, /usr)
> and they are *not* full. :)
> If this is not an already known issue, I can collect more information
> and send-pr it.

Make sure that you have at least version 1.61 of sys/kern/vfs_bio.c, that
version fixes a bug that could cause that kind of behaviour.

- Frank