Subject: remote GDB of kernel
To: None <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1999 22:41:26
(I sent this message a couple days ago, but it must have gotten lost
somewhere between my machine and the mailing list, because it still hasn't
shown up in the archives...)

Okay, I've built a -current kernel with

 options 	KGDB		# remote debugger
 options 	"KGDB_DEVNAME=\"com\"",KGDBADDR=0x3f8,KGDBRATE=9600
 makeoptions	DEBUG="-g"	# compile full symbol table

and I have a second machine also running -current, and a null modem cable
hooked between the machines. Is there a quick tutorial anywhere on what to
do next? (Aside from the generalized info in the gdb info pages, that is)
Anybody have any pointers?

(Basically, I want to put breakpoints on a few functions and step through
them, but have the system behave normally otherwise).