Subject: Current trouble on i386
To: None <>
From: Gary Duzan <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1999 12:50:54
   After booting a kernel built from this morning's sup, terminal
input seems to get wedged. I'm not sure the exact circumstances
which cause the problem, but after booting into single user mode
I did:

	fsck /dev/rsd0a
	mount /
	cp onetbsd netbsd

and the "cp" just hangs. Ctrl-Alt-Esc gets me into the debugger,
but reveals nothing too unusual to my untrained eye. "reboot" in
the debugger gives a complaint about not having a locking context
or some such thing, and a "c" does a crash dump and reboot. Booting
into single user mode with the old kernel works fine.
   I get a similar effect when booting the new kernel. It gets all
the way up, but after giving the root password to an 'xterm -c
"su"' is never gives me the root prompt, and while I can switch to
other virtual screens, I can't type into any of the xterms, and a
Ctrl-Alt-Fn wscons switch just brings me to a blank screen with a
flashing cursor. I suspect some locking changes that have gone in
recently, but that is just a guess.

					Gary D. Duzan