Subject: Re: MIDI playing (AWE64, -current)
To: Lennart Augustsson <>
From: Oleg Polyanski <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1999 16:43:08
>>>>> "LA" == Lennart Augustsson writes:

 >> how can I play midi files on -current?
 LA> With midiplay(1)

        Tried, didn't get any sound.

 >> I have AWE64 soundcard
 LA> Well, there is no driver for the AWE64 synthesizer.  There are only
 LA> drivers for external MIDI devices and the OPL2 FM synth.


 LA> You can always use timidity until we get such drivers.

        Yep, hacking it right now.

P.S. Anyway, thank you.