Subject: uk0 device for HP SCSI scanner on A3000
To: None <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/1999 20:34:16

	I tried to use SANE with the uk driver under NetBSD 1.4.1, sup'd to
	Nov. 30th changes, on an Amiga 3000.
	It configures but when I try to scan images the SCSI bus locks up hard
	and stays that way. The PINT driver works fine although before 1.4 it
	used to lock up in a similar manner.

	Has anyone on an Amiga, or anything else for that matter, been able to
	use the combination of 1.4.1, SANE 1.0.1+ and an HP 5p scanner?

	I'd REALLY like to be able to use all the extra features the
	SANE+/dev/uk0 device offers over the PINT interface! For now I have
	to drop back to AmigaDOS in order to use the scanner to its fullest.