Subject: Re: aic at isa broken in current?
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1999 15:47:40
Thomas Klausner wrote:
> I have some weird problems with my scanner (Microtek E3, ss0) now
> though... when I try to scsictl it, it's recognized as a bus, not as a
> device, because the first ioctl (SCIOCIDENTIFY) fails (Inappropriate
> ioctl). Why does that happen?

Could you try a kernel without the :

  ss*     at scsibus? target ? lun ?              # SCSI scanners

?  The code (based on PiNT) only supports a few models of scanner and doesn't
support 'userland' SCSI.  Without this, the scanner will then show up as an
unknown device (uk0).

I wonder whether this line should be commented out in GENERIC kernels, now
that SANE is available.


                         Of course it runs NetBSD