Subject: Re: Bind 8.2.2p5 pulled up to -release?
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/29/1999 23:56:40
On Mon Nov 29 22:14:28 1999, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> > Just try to drop the -current dist/bind and usr.sbin/bind into a 1.4.x system
> > and see if it works. I see no reason now why it shouldn't work.
> It builds and installs (after "mkdir -p /usr/share/examples/named"),
> and everything seems to work, except "ndc" apparently can't fetch the
> path to the working named.conf anymore...

Grmpf, ndc is no longer a shell script which just doesn't read /etc/rc.conf,
so it can't get $named_flags from it. It just reads /etc/named.conf.

I have a link from /etc/namedb/named.conf to /etc/named.conf on my systems.