Subject: getting ipnat working
To: None <>
From: James Wetterau <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/29/1999 12:11:47
Hi.  I'm not a subscriber to this list since I don't use current, but
I'm not sure where else to send this message.  Current-users seemed
the most appropriate place to report an installation difficulty for
1.4.1.  If anyone wants to talk to me more about this, please email me
directly, else I'll just consider this a trouble report for you all to
do what you like with:

I recently upgraded to netbsd 1.4.1.  It went smoothly and surprised
me with its simplicity.  (I grabbed the sets and unpacked them myself,
one by one.)  However, there was one somewhat surprising snag.
Despite specifying in my rc.conf that both ipfilter and ipnat are
"YES", I still had to use sysctl to get ipnat going after rebooting.
Obviously support for it is in the generic kernel, so why is this
sysctl needed if I've specified I want nat and filtering?  Perhaps
this is something which could be documented someplace or modifed to
switch on rc.conf.

Thanks for the OS folks!  I use it as a packet filter and NAT box for
my home LAN and it does its job quietly and well every day.

James Wetterau