Subject: Re: Bind 8.2.2p5 pulled up to -release?
To: None <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1999 21:21:43
On Sun Nov 28 20:01:07 1999, Jim Wise wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999, Rick Byers wrote:
> >Is the new bind code (8.2.2p5) going to be pulled up to the release
> >branch?  I need the security fixes, so if it's not going to be pulled up

No one tested it so it isn't requested to be pulled up and I can't test it
under 1.4.x now.

> >to the -release branch I'll just install it manually.  IMHO, the security
> >considerations are severe enough that we want it in 1.4.2 (and as soon as
> >possible in -release).

Just try to drop the -current dist/bind and usr.sbin/bind into a 1.4.x system
and see if it works. I see no reason now why it shouldn't work.

> I agree that it would be nice to pull this up to -release -- at this
> point, no one should be running a pre-8.2.2p5 bind for _any_ reason.
> In the mean time, note that the net/bind8 package in pkgsrc has been
> updated to 8.2.2p5, so you at least have an easy, standard way to do
> this install...

I'm in doubt that the pkgsrc bind8 will compile on the alpha.
Oh, and you will notice that the pkgsrc bind8 uses the dnssafe and cylink
libraries, so be carefull to read LICENSE_RSA and the cylink source code
before you use it on a Federal Government system or for commercial use.