Subject: Re: pciide lost interrupt
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1999 14:42:25

I'm still having problems with "lost interrupt" messages.  Maybe I'm just
unlucky but it seems to be hapenning more frequently now that I've
upgrated to 1.4P.  With sources from Nov 23, I get errors like this
frequently (when doing constant disk access):

Nov 28 13:49:52 Rick /netbsd: pciide0:0:1: lost interrupt
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd:   type: ata
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd:   c_bcount: 65536
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd:   c_skip: 0
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd: pciide0:0:1: Bus-Master DMA error: missing
interrupt, status=0x61
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd: wd1b: DMA error writing fsbn 6544 of
6544-6671 (wd1 bn 54928; cn 54 tn 7 sn 55), retrying
Nov 28 13:49:53 Rick /netbsd: wd1: soft error (corrected)
Nov 28 13:49:55 Rick /netbsd: usl_detachtimeout

When I get errors like this, the system freezes up for about 5-10 seconds,
but I no longer loose access to the disk completely.  Any ideas what might
be causing this?  Is there anything I can do to help track it down?


On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> Well, maybe. I've found a situation where the driver could be erroneously 
> switched to "not waiting for IRQ" state. The patch below should solve this.
> Could those of you who can reproduce the 'missing untimeout' message test it ?
> However this reveal another problem here, which is that we are getting an
> interrupt before the drive is ready. This can happen when the irq is shared
> with another device but this is not the common case.

Rick Byers                       University of Waterloo, Computer Science