Subject: Re: Panic in latest -current with fxp0
To: Patrick Hartling <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/1999 22:24:32
You're likely missing the MII PHY driver declarations from your kernel
config file.

Either build a GENERIC kernel with the fix, or bring back the
following stuff from the GENERIC config file:

# MII/PHY support
exphy*	at mii? phy ?			# 3Com internal PHYs
icsphy*	at mii? phy ?			# Integrated Circuit Systems ICS1890
inphy*	at mii? phy ?			# Intel 82555 PHYs
iophy*	at mii? phy ?			# Intel 82553 PHYs
lxtphy*	at mii? phy ?			# Level One LXT-970 PHYs
nsphy*	at mii? phy ?			# NS83840 PHYs
qsphy*	at mii? phy ?			# Quality Semiconductor QS6612 PHYs
sqphy*	at mii? phy ?			# Seeq 80220/80221/80223 PHYs
tlphy*	at mii? phy ?			# ThunderLAN PHYs
tqphy*	at mii? phy ?			# TDK Semiconductor PHYs
ukphy*	at mii? phy ?			# generic unknown PHYs

You can comment out the ones which don't match, but they don't end up
taking that much space..

						- Bill