Subject: Re: ppp woes continued
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/1999 23:29:54
On Nov 6, 11:04pm, Bill Studenmund wrote:
>Yes & no. crtscts still does what it's done for ever - stop computer
>output when the other side (modem/printer) requests it. cdtrcts is new as
>of (I think) 1.4, and also asks the other side to stop on occasion.

Well, I changed to cdtrcts, and it's still messing up, though not quite
as badly.

On Nov 6, 11:00pm, Bill Studenmund wrote:
>On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Hauke Fath wrote:
>> ibuf floods, even, and on a Q650... what port speed are you using? You can
>> bump the serial buffer size somewhere in dev/zs.c, IIRC.
>Steve, consider lowering your connection speed with the moden. silo
>overflows are bad, especially this many of them that fast. Each one means
>that you've messed up a ppp packet (though once a packet's dead, more
>won't make that packet worse :-)

Hmmm.  I'm connecting to the modem at 57.6K, and the modem's connection to
the ISP is usually 26.4K or 28.8K (it's a 28.8K modem).

>> >to me, this sounds like a handshaking problem. 

This is the same setup that worked for years for me on my Centris 610,
before I got the cable modem and the Quadra 650.  I'm starting to think
that maybe my modem cable isn't doing the right thing (either the needs
of the hardware has changed or I somehow grabbed the printer cable by
mistake).  Does anyone have the pinout for what the current cable needs
to be?


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