Subject: Re: ppp woes continued
To: Space Case <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/06/1999 23:04:21
On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Space Case wrote:

> On Nov 6,  5:43am, Frederick Bruckman wrote:
> >> - check that your pppd uses crtscts, (or maybe it is cdtrcts for your sort
> >>   of Mac?)
> >It _is_ cdtrcts for macs...
> Ah.  I have crtscts.  Did that change sometime in the last year or so?

Yes & no. crtscts still does what it's done for ever - stop computer
output when the other side (modem/printer) requests it. cdtrcts is new as
of (I think) 1.4, and also asks the other side to stop on occasion.

Take care,