Subject: Re: FreeBSD FibreChannel support
To: Matthew Jacob <>
From: Sergey Babkin <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/04/1999 21:44:06
Matthew Jacob wrote:
> >What gives?  Why wasn't this committed to the NetBSD and FreeBSD trees,
> >too?  I mean, it's not like the version in the NetBSD tree works anymore
> >since you removed the firmware (on-board firmware on most of the adapters
> >I have is way too old, for example).
> >
> >Any reason NetBSD and FreeBSD don't just lift the firmware images you
> >committed to OpenBSD?
> Because what I did was wrong. It should also be removed from OpenBSD.
> I've had extensive discussions with Theo about this, and the f/w will
> probably be removed from OpenBSD as soon as the tree unlocks post 2.6.
> Unless Qlogic agrees to a BSD style licence. So far, they've not been
> helpful at all.

The QLogic firmware can be downloaded from the Qlogic WWW site (for 2100 
there is a link on the page ,
I guess the same it true for the other boards) and flashed onto the board. 
I'm not sure about the Alpha systems but on PC their flash utility works 
fine. I used it recently to get it working with a commercial Unix.

Or is it some different kind of firmware ?