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Date: 11/04/1999 00:54:05
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Global Management &
Business Resource

Dear Sir/Madam; 

The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), the largest industrial
association in Korea whose membership represent over 80% of Korean trade volume, and
the Foundation for Industrial Cooperation (FIC), an affiliate of FKI, are
currently seeking to recruit potential buyer and seller in international trade,
technology licensing, and investment. 

These traders will become the recommended entities of FKI/FIC who will then
be listed on FKI/FIC's internet website, "Hi-Venture Korea (,
which will be officially open as of December 1, 1999.  These traders will
then have the opportunity to work with a number of Korean companies in trade,
technology transfer and investment.

GMBR, a company specializing in international finance and internet
development business, has an official mandate from FKI/FIC to recruit such traders
internationally on behalf of FKI/FIC.  

We appreciate if you would be interested in becoming listed as an traders
in international trade, technology transfer and/or investment (The order of
international trade, technology transfer and investment should be determined by
WHO the letter goes out to--if it is for investment, then investment should
be first, etc..)  If not, we would appreciate your referral in identifying
potential traders. There is no obligations and free of charge to being on the
recommended list. 

If you are interested in participating in this international project,
please register to online application form at   

Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance, and please direct any
questions and inquiries to my office at tel: 82-2-578-5563 or my e-mail,

Yours truly,

Sara Lee
Director of International Relations