Subject: Re: I can't get PPP to work any more
To: Space Case <>
From: Rex McMaster <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/03/1999 10:06:47
What is logged with debug?

        pppd debug /dev/tty00 57600 connect /etc/ppp/ppp-connect ...

and have you tried putting some debugging code into the connect script to
see how far things are getting?

Space Case writes:
 > Tip connects to the modem on the serial port just fine.  When I try to
 > run PPP, though, it doesn't even try to connect, and just spits out the
 > message:
 > pppd: The remote system is required to authenticate itself but I
 > pppd: couldn't find any suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so.
 > This is the command that the script is spitting out:
 > pppd /dev/tty00 57600 connect /etc/ppp/ppp-connect /etc/ppp/ppp-numbers /etc/ppp/ppp-login /etc/ppp/ppp-chat

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