Subject: re: pax questions...
To: None <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/02/1999 03:48:38
   In message <>, matthew green writes:
   >actually, this may be a bug?  CAF is not tested anywhere, unlike
   >the other flag defines ... (CAF was introduced with peter's -A
   >implemention, by tron?  i have not read the original PR.)
   I don't believe I put it in when I wrote the '-A' code.  (Which, FWIW, was
   originally written and tested on BSD/OS, in response to accidentally restoring
   an old tar file *over* my home directory, instead of in a sandbox.)

i have commited a change to options.h (rev1.5) that should fix this bug
(which would allow -A with -rw; reading the code shows that it *always*
does the equivalent of -A anyway).