Subject: Re: pax questions...
To: matthew green <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1999 11:13:26
In message <>, matthew green writes:
>exactly.  the bug was that "pax -rwA" was allowed.

I see.  :)

>tar -P?  from the gnu tar man page:
>     -P
>     --absolute-paths        Don't strip leading `/'s from file names.

That's not what the pax man page says, though.

     -P    Do not follow symbolic links, perform a physical file system
           traversal.  This is the default mode.

Oh, I get it.  Setting 'Aflag' from '-P' is in 'tar_options'.  The pax_options
does what I expect, which is conflict with -L.

That was just me being stupid, don't worry about it.  :-)

I'm not sure the tar_options matter, since we use GNU tar.

(Speaking of which, we should see about getting an update, my pax work
included a fix to our compatability hack for GNU tar, but I also convinced
them they had a bug, so they should eventually issue a 'fixed' tar that no
longer requires that workaround.)