Subject: None
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1999 10:52:50
Hi Charles,

Just curious, what sort of DVD hardware do you have?  Looking at the Livid
stuff, I assume it only functions in conjunction with a DVD decoder board
(i.e. they haven't implemented decryption yet, have they?).  I've got a
DxR2 decoder board, but it doesn't appear to be supported.  I'd like to
try all-software decoding anyway as the video-overlay used by my decoder
causes reduced video signal quality.

I'm also curious as to the legality of the Livid stuff.  Not that I'd have
moral issues with using it (I buy all my discs legally so I don't mind
cercumventing the security for convenience), but I just want some open
source DVD player and I was under the impression that that couldn't happen
due to Dolby's rigerously enforced patents on AC3.  I just hope Dolby (or
whoever) doesn't have the right to sue the Livid people.

Thanks a lot for the great work, keep it up!  I think it would be great if
NetBSD had end-user DVD video support at the same time (or shortly
after) Linux does.  In fact, DVD video is the only reason I still have
Windows installed on my PC - it would be great to be able to free up all
that disk space!

Thanks again,