Subject: Re: Supported CardBus 10/100 NICs?
To: Rafal Boni <>
From: Johan Danielsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/1999 11:10:01
Rafal Boni <> writes:

> Are there any hopes of drivers for this?  

There are hopes (not that *I'm* working on it :-)

> Last I recall (which was a long time ago, admittedly) Xircom was the
> sort of place that balked at giving out programming docs without
> NDA.

I think that has changed. Both Linux and FreeBSD has drivers for
various Xircom cards, don't know if any of them is PCI though.

> I'd be happy to help test stuff out, or may even attempt to hack
> together a driver if I could get docs without an NDA (and some more
> spare time 8-).

You might talk to Xircom (or talk to someone who already wrote a
driver, to see how they got the docs).